Best set up for LG Uh950v anyone


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Looking for best settings to watch TV and also a ps4 pro
Not sure if you're still looking for help, but my current settings for game mode on the 950V playing on PS4 PRO is backlight 50, contrast 95 (this is default I think) and brightness of 65. This may or may not work for you. I've turned the backlight down to reduce clouding/flashlighting in the bottom corners to an acceptable level. You may not have those issues at all so may not need to adjust it. Bumped up the brightness to 65 as the black levels were too swampy, dark areas and dark objects were hard to make out.

Make sure local dimming is turned off. It's awful on the LG screens and lights up whole areas in very distracting ways (see my images here when I was looking for help: Question - UH950V lighting problems).

I don't watch standard TV, only netflix and blu rays but I can't remember my settings for those I'm afraid.

Hope that's a bit of help at least.
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