best scaler for 505XDE




wanted to know what the best sub (-1000) {the cheaper the better} scaler would be for a pio 505xde (with pio ax5ai amp + panny S97 dvd player).
especially anyone fancies the Lumagens more than the Iscans or vice versa? or other makes?



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well under a grand choice is limited....LumagenDVi and Iscan HD+ are both scalers but different.....for £1k you could have the lumagen and ISF (nearly) taht is how i would spend a grand.....unless you need audio delay in which case has to be an iScan as you have a pio XDE the cheaper iScan HD is an option as it has DVi passthrough but with only one HDMI onplasma the 2 DVi inputs un lumagen would give you the soon to be needed DVI-D/HDMI (lees audio) switching.......


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Easy answer... a HTPC



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My choice was the LumagenHDP, granted cost is over 1K but this provides greater future proofing in that, unlike the DVI, it will scale HD signals. Not that much use today but will be in 2006 when Sky HD becomes available.
Comparison between IScan and Lumagen today shows not too much performance difference (audio delay apart) but I find the Lumagen is more versatile with greater flexibility in configuration options.



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I went for the Lumagen HDP with my 505XDE, but it's not sub-£1,000. I also have the AX5Ai amp so I know that handles audio delay if required, so needn't be a decision in your selection process. I didn't actually demo any scalers, I went on blind faith, but much online research led me to believe that the iscans were worthy competitiors to the DVI, and perhaps easier to use, but the Lumagens had more flexibility and potential in the longer term. Then it became obvious that the HDP was worth the xtra outlay due to it's extra power and longer-term devlopment potential.

danny daniell

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Gordon,how much for the HDP & how does it benefit over a HTPC?

Regards Dan


One drawback with HTPC is that you have thousands of different options and software to run, you can keep going all the time if you want fiddling with settings and so on and still not being satisfied.

I will buy a Crystalio 2300 when budget allows as it is so much simpler with one box solution that does it all and you know it will perform well when properly set up.

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