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Hi Guys,

A bit of help please, i need a Sat Nav and have £350 to spend might be able to go to £400.

Whats the best out there for that price, i would prefer free updates if available.


If your only travelling in the UK then I would recommend a TOMTOM One . This has the updated chip set built in and what you will find is a sales rep talk it down. The only problem with the unit is the battery life. Basically on long journeys you would have to have it plugged into the lighter. If this is a problem feel free to have a look at the 510 or 710. The 910 is out of your mentioned price bracket..You wont go far wrong with any of the new TomTom range..:thumbsup:
From Comet online..The TomTom One is going for about £214 ( would recommend buying a separate charger going for about £ 20 ) The TomTom 510 is about £ 314.99 and the TomTom 910 is £434.99 The later one being the dogs singing all dancing doddars.
Thanks for the help.

Do any of these Sat Navs give free updates, new roads and stuff like that?

Many thanks

p.s whats the Garmin 310 like?
Narrowed it down to Garmin 310,350, Tom Tom 510 or 710

Which 1 is the best please...

Navman seem good value for money, are they any good?

Many thanks


I need to get 1 by Friday so all help appreciated
The perfect Sat nav doen't exist so there's no such thing as the 'best', only the 'best for you' Some people prefer TomTom to Garmin and others will say Garmin is better than TomTom.

All the ones you've mentioned are good and will do the job.Each one has different features, some you may find useful and need, some you may not and also each will go about things in a slightly different way.

The best advice is for you to decide what's important for you price, size, graphics, reliability, bluetooth, European mapping, TTS capability, etc. then go and get some hands on experience at a store.After all it's you who will be spending a few hundred pounds.

Of the ones you mentioned you may have trouble getting hold of a 710 by Friday as it doesn't look like they're widely available yet.

Just thought I'd chuck my two penneth in...

Agree with the earlier poster that the TomTom one is a fantastic little unit, I know of three people with one and they all work great.

Not yet found any SatNav where the bluetooth handsfree is loud enough for me (I drive a van)

Personally prefer the TomTom interface, but had masses of problems with my tomTom 510 (drooping mount, poor connection and resets) between three of us in work we've had nine units of the 510/910!

Not very impressed (found the older/cheaper tomtoms to be more reliable)

Now got a nuvi 300 (£219.99 at comet online) and loving it, not quite as user friendly as the TomTom but the mount is better designed and the unit is about three times smaller so you can carry it about with you.

Good luck and happy hunting!
Yes, you're absolutely right. I've just bought the Tom Tom One and it's really great to get yourself around the UK…although the battery life is not as good as the others. However the best thing about it is that's it's really simple to install and use.

I got mine from Currys for £194.99! The reason why it's cheaper than what some people have posted is because of this site called ‘findsatnavdeals' (just search it in google) which someone recommended to me.

If you go to the website they have compared the prices and offers from all major stores and the reason why my Tom Tom One was soo cheap was because I got a £20 discount by using their special promotional code which is exclusive to the site.

The site also gives you the stock availability for each store and they say they update it daily so you not disappointed if they don't have it stock because they've already found out for you.

One of my friends has bought the Garmin Nuvi 300 and she likes it better because of its design but I prefer my Tom Tom One. She bought hers from Currys for £229.98 which included the £9.99 delivery but I told her that I saw it on the ‘findsatnavdeals' website for £219.97 from SatNav2u and she was gutted because she could have saved some money!

Anyway for price comparisons it's worth checking out because you don't want to be like my friend ;-)
Deanouk1 said:
Hi Guys,

A bit of help please, i need a Sat Nav and have £350 to spend might be able to go to £400.

Whats the best out there for that price, i would prefer free updates if available.



I bought Tomtom510 for 320£ and it was freezing quiet often and had to reset each time. So returned and bought Sony NU-V50 for 179 , which looks better, no problem for the last two weeks. Only 5 digits postcode search, but that is enough for me as I use the system only during weekends. Go for Sony.
The MIO C710 seems to very good for about £325. (Googled)
The unit looks very robust, and you get a lot of extras bundled
Not as bulky as some other satnavs
The graphics seem clear and very polished.
You get:-
Camera data (subs after first year)
Free live TMC traffic updates
Bluetooth hands free calling
24 european maps installed

Click this link to see how cool the graphic and features work

The RRP is only £360, so i would imagine the price will start dropping below £300 very soon!

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