Best Sat Nav/Device to ensure correct speed on unknown roads


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Sorry for another thread in the Motoring section:blush:

Basically, I am after either a Sat Nav or standalone device which can help me with the speed limits on roads with which I am unfamiliar. I know that a lot of roads have repeater signs if they differ from the "norm" i.e. 30/60mph, but I have been caught out a few times especially down country lanes where I have never been before, especially if I join the road after the speed sign and there are very few/no repeater signs. This, along with locals who know the roads getting right up my a**e annoys the hell out of me especially if I am unsure of what speed I should be going.

Edit: when I say caught out I don't mean done for speeding (I have 0 points) - I just mean I eventually see a repeater or mark on the road and think ooops and slow down.

I must stress that I am not looking for a device to "help me speed" - quite the opposite, I am looking for something to ensure I keep to the correct speed.

If I use Google Maps on an android phone as my main sat nav, is there an app/plugin that could be used for this purpose, or is it best to get a standalone device?

To those users who have such a device, how accurate are they, and are they updated regularly (i.e. are they generally right and can be trusted).

Many thanks:smashin::thumbsup:
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Navigon states the speed limit on my iPhone...


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So does tomtom and copilot. You simy click on show speed limit in the app. It's a feature all sat navs have.

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