"Best" Samsung 46" TV for around £700 - What do you think?


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Hi all...

I've got the go ahead to upgrade the tv while the sales are still on! We're looking for a 46" TV for around the £700 mark... We have our eye on one in particular but was wondering what TVs the seasoned TV shoppers of avforums would go for...! i've included a small list of desirables/'requirements' that it needs to have.

Many thanks in advance....

- Must be a Samsung (partners choice - so might be able to persuade her to go with another make, but I doubt it!)
- 46" Screen (ish)
- Freeview HD tuner
- Timeshift (pause live TV)
- LED Screen preferred
- It will be used for gaming on the PS3 (mainly first person shooters, battlefield 3 etc)
- Lots of SD TV viewing (preferably upscaled in the TV)
- Some movies, both SD & HD
- I have 5.1 optical digital surround sound system so speaker performance is not a deal breaker, as they will rarely be used!
- PVR function when a usb stick is attached.

The main trouble is that with that spec list it looks like we are getting into the higher end TVs which are out of our budget... After reading endless reviews and forums I'm a bit stuck...

What should we get??? - thanks!


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Really no suggestions?

I was thinking along the lines of the Samung UE46D5520 (£699 @ John Lewis) but that does not have the PVR or timeshift function... Is anyone aware of a 46" Samsung that has this function within this price bracket?


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I didn't know any Samsungs (or other brands) had such a timeshift function?

I don't think the 5 series records to USB as you say (6 series and up). You'd need a PVR if no Sky+

Unfortunately, your wishlist is too big for the budget unless you can drop to a 40"
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Thanks for the response..! i thought that the wishlist was a bit big but thought I would try anyway.

The PVR function kicks in on the D6100 series I believe.

Richter Sounds has the UE46D6100 for £799 atm but would rather not spend that much money!

Is there anything with similar specs that can be found around my budget? The UE46D6100 specs are here

Any brands / suggestions are welcome!
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