Best RPG Online?


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Hello all, so the mrs brought me an xbox, never owned one before and I don't know why she brought me one... i'm a pc gamer but stillit's been a few years since I gamed on the pc.. anyhow

Whats the best RPG online that the xbox360 has to offer?

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By online do you mean MMORPG? Like World of Warcraft? If you do then your out of luck there is none on the xbox 360. The above mentioned are all single player games, although some do have a mutliplayer component but this is totally separate to the main storyline.


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Wasn't phantasy star online releases a few years ago? If so I am not sure it is still supported, but I think it was the closest the xbox got to an mmorpg.


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I wouldn't class Portal 2 as an RPG. And nobody has mentioned Fable 2 and 3. They have online capabilities, although I haven't tried those out myself.

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