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Best Route to Sky+

Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by Mr_Stick, Jul 30, 2002.

  1. Mr_Stick


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    Just got my new TV, DVD, Amp and Speakers, I now only have enough space for 1 fairly slim box of tricks. I want to record tv and I want to get digital (has to be Sky) I don't have a video collection so I'm thinking of using the remaining space for a SKY+ box...

    I don't have sky at the moment and I have been looking at their worse than useless web site.

    If I just want Sky £10 will get me off the ground for the installation.

    If want Sky+ starting from nothing I have to pay £100.00 for installation.

    If I already have Sky (£10.00 installation) I can upgrade for a only £50 and end up with a spare box?

    Does anyone have an opinion on the most economical way to go and where abouts I can arrange this. The "Get Sky" part of the web site only caters for the basic options.
  2. Starburst

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    Jul 13, 2000
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    This is what I would do.......

    Order a basic setup from the website, brand new digibox and installation for £10 and subscribe to the £37 package.
    Have that installed and then order SKY+ and SKY to install it, that will cost £350. For a further £25 the first digibox can be relocated to another room and with a "free" FTV smartcard will pick up BBC1,2, ITV1, ch4, ch5 etc.

    If you don't want the £37 package then you can downgrade to a cheaper package at anytime, you still get the cheaper installation price for the first box as long as you stay a subscriber for 12 months.

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