Best Retrofit solutions?


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What are the best Retrofit options for AV, Lighting, Heating, Security?
I'm looking for a solution that
- would be considered mainstream in terms of cost.... not High-End/Crestron/AMX expensive.
- can be fitted without running strucured wiring back to a central zone

For Lighting I can choose between Rako or Lutron wireless

For AV, its not so clear. I would like a multi-room Audio & Video solution. Solutions like Netstreams, OPUS, SystemLine all require structured wiring.

From a heating perspective, I'd like a solution which could control individual rads / valves via wireless thermostats in each room.

From a security perspective, I'd like a smart alarm that links into the Lighting & Heating system. and a Door entry / CCTV system.

And finally, I'd like to be able to integrate the various functions onto a choice of touchscreens / wall switches / PC

Basically a typical custom installation, but without wires...



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Basically a typical custom installation, but without wires...


OR a 'Typical' custom installation There will need to be some wiring and thats where you pay for the expertise of a top installer to retofit a solution without deystroying your home it can be done!!!

Lighting My choice is Rako Wireless lighting

Heating Wireless heating controls

Door entry CCTV depends on what you want/need

Security i would go for hardwired everytime there are some good wireless solutions Visonic - Product : PowerMax

Audio and video needs more info, but netstreams Digilinx can integrate Hometronic Rako and CCTV, Access control at a lot less than Creston with fewer wires......

Where are you?

EDit, looking at your other posts john you said you have wired Cat5 to light switch locations, if that is the case and you use Rako etc you have cat5 available for touch screens to be wired (how many depends on the wiring you used but Netstreams TL touch screens have multiple ethernet ports on the rear so even if you dasiy chained the cat5 from room to room instead of running back to a central point you could have a few TL units on exisitng cabling for data they would need power supplies tho.
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Hey HornyDragon
Regarding Door entry I would like
- A door entry system with intercom/camera. Ability to view whoever is at the front door on various TVs in the house

Regarding CCTV I would like to be able to:
- Record CCTV from various cameras via a DVR system. The DVR system should allow the user control of recoding options based on motion etc
- View / select a camera on various TVs
- Remote access to CCTV via mobile phone

Yes, I have cat5 to various light switchwes in my house so could make use of wired in-wall touchscreens (when my wallet allows :).
In this case however, I'm wondering about generic retrofit/wireless solutions, that could be used in any retrofit installation

I'm in Southern Ireland by the way



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Digilinx dorr entry uses IP cameras normally these shoe up on the touch screens but can be a pain to get on normal TV's

A traditional DVR may suit you better and wil need to be used with your video distribution systemt o get it on to TV's

Internet access to DVR's isnt too hard and a phone witha supported broweser could possible do it (winmobile device)

Its video and audio that you will struggle with really Sonos is OK for basic audio and if you have cat5 to near TV's then Smart-e is the most flexible Video over cat5 solution....(smart-e requires a dedicated Cat5 cable to each room it cant share a network connection with a PC etc)

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Now that you mentioned Visonic, I just remembered I have a full system with the GSM module. I was meant to fit it in my own house as a retro fit so I can try it out, but I forgot I even had it!

If you are now thinking how can you forget something like that...all I will say is that I have only found out today that I had a KRELL 3-channel KAV power amp in my loft along with a spare Philips TSU 9600 :rotfl:


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For multiroom HD AV, you could use a VMC as a server, then use Extenders as clients, over Wifi or Ethernet.

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