Best replacement for Sony RDR HXD970


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Our Sony RDR HXD 970 PVR is getting tired. It won't reliably record programmes (sometime just one minute before cutting out) and the channel selection won't allow me to delete Wales programmes, so even if I set a programme to record on BBC1 West, it will often revert to BBC Wales because the signal is stronger (a common problem for people who live in Bristol).

So I want a more modern model PVR that will allow me to dub programmes onto buit-in DVD for use in our caravan and to send to grandchildren and other family who live abroad. Our newer TV gives me the option to ignore Wales programmes.

We don't want BluRay or 4D or whatever the latest standards are - just good quality basic TV off Freeview. We can't play BluRay anyway.

Can anyone please suggest the most appropriate model?

Would be grateful for any advice, thanks.


This is about your only option.

Despite the twin tuner HD front end it is still a basic DVD recorder.


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Thank you Gavtech - I'm off to Richer Sounds to have a look at this model.
Am grateful for your help.

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