Best Remote with RF capability


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as the title says. whats the best remote with RF capability?

i was thinking the harmony 1000 but is there a cheaper alternative?


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First sentence you wanted the BEST, second sentence you wanted the CHEAPEST. Those 2 terms don't generally apply to the same item...what is your main priority?


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best doesnt always mean most expensive does it?

i'd like to point out that i've tried to read a lot on these forums about this already.

i want to be able to activate lights (w/ dimming hopefully) power sockets plus switch gear on.

does the 895 have as much functionality as the 1000?

should i go for the Harmony range?

a lot of people seem to be complaining about the 1000. is it nitpicking or does it really fall short of an 'all-in-one' solution.

im fairly competent technically as i work in software development. will i be albe to program the 1000/895 to do pretty much what i want?

im in the dark here. can somebody switch the lights on?


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A Harmony is very good value for money, but is a long way from being the "best"

I would personally say the 895 has more functionality than the 1000, as I hate touchscreens...hard buttons are much easier to use.

All Harmonys are very easy to program.

If you really want the best, you'll be looking at stuff like RTI or higher end Prontos, but they cost a lot more and are much harder to program.


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cheers for the advice guys.
i'm reconsidering getting an IR only remote like the Harmony One as i can use this with the x10 appliance stuff. if i buy the converter.

my reasons are are for value for money and design. loving the look of the One :)

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