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Which receiver is the best to play these speakers in a room whith 20m2 (225ft2):

Frontal: Two B&W 602 S3
Central: B&W LCR60 S3
Surround: Two B&W 601 S3
Subwoofer: Velodyne CHT10

Denon AVR-2803, AVR-3803, AVR-3805?
Marantz SR-5400, SR-6400, SR-7400 ?
Yamaha RX-V1400, RX-V2400?
Onkyo TX-SR601, TX-SR701, TX-SR801?

Which model of the above, considering the cost/benefit relattion, is the ideal to fit my system and pocket?

Thanks to all future anwers!

chris l.

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If it's for movies only duty look at importing a Yamaha from Germany (see other threads on AV) if its for movies and music duty look at the Denons.

If you can get to listen to them / demo them even better.

I find the Yamaha's bright / thin sounding and love the warm sound of the Denons (on my thrid) but other people find the Denons wooly !




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I would say the SR7400 would give you the best performance per pound. Great with music too. The amp can be had for a bargain £480 from unbeatable as well.

I bought my one from www.AVland.co.uk for £489 including delivery, but they have upped their price to £549 now.

The 3805 is a great piece of kit, but is twice the cost of the Marantz SR7400.

If its purely a movie setup you are after though, the Pioneer AX3i (£580 from richer sounds) or the Yamaha RXV1400 may suit your needs better.

The 3803 may be had for a bargain, but I think the 2803 is a bit overrated imho, I believe the SR7400 is a better amp.

I dont have much experience of the Onkyo amps, so couldnt comment on them.

So, if you want a music movie balance, then the SR7400, 3803 or 3805 will suit your needs perfectly, but if you want it purely for movies, have a look at the Pioneer AX3i and the Yamaha RXV1400.

Again, all the above amps I've mentioned are great, and you shouldnt feel that any are bad buys, I'll say it again, we are a lucky bunch of home cinema freaks right now with so many fantastic amps available to us.


Thank`s for "waisting" your time answering my question!

Great help!


With that list I would add the NAD T753 and the NAD T763 (or Dicontinued T762). These receivers are amazing. Able to Drive Low impedance Speakers, Massive power reserves, Great connectivity, very easy to Use OSD and extreemely Flexible.


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May I add Harman Kardon AVR-5550 I just bought which gives a very beefy but also sparkling detailed sound, plus two extra channels to biamp your front speakers, leading to excellent stereo sound too.
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