Best RCA out for BT transmitter connected to Cambridge Audio Azur 540R when using optical-in


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I use a Cambridge Audio Azur 540R for my home theatre. The PC connects to it via the Optical-in.

I'm going to need to use headphones to watch TV late as our place is very open plan and we're expecting a child. I also have the option to simply use wired headphones but it is a long run (>5m) and would be draped across a main thoroughfare. As an alternative I've purchased a bluetooth adapter like this one

It works well but it does not have an optical-in meaning that I seem to have to either plug it into the headphone jack on the from of the receiver (I want to avoid this as it looks messy and intend to leave it plugged in all the time), or use RCA connection from the back. It seems to me however that when using the optical in to the receiver from the PC I can only use an optical rather than RCA out.

Before I go an buy another adapter with optical connectivity, am I missing something? Is there an RCA out I could use for the headphones whilst using the optical in from the PC? Or, come to think of it - could I use the RCA out from the PC itself to the adapter whilst continuing to use the Optical connection to the receiver (just thought of that and have not tried it yet!)?

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