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Best rally game.


Active Member
What are peoples opinions with regards rally games specifically ones I can use with my g27 wheel?

I would recommend Dirt 2, for some there is not enough pure rally stages, but I played it with my G25 and Playseat and thought the handling was superb and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.


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Gt5 :).


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WRC 2010 :thumbsup: No, really, don't laugh!

I know this has been slated on here, but if you want a true rally experience this is the game to go for. It's not a jump in and 'Ye Ha' down the stage type game like Dirt 2, it's much more of a sim. Don't get me wrong, I liked Dirt 2, the handling was great fun, there just wasn't enough rally content.

The physics in WRC do take some time to get used to, but they can be greatly improved by tweaking the set up. If you can look past the last gen graphics and sound and give it some time, you'll be well satisfied when it all comes together. :D

Benny The Greek

Standard Member
Had a racing day yesterday with my son using my budget steering wheel and pedals and we both thought that WRC 2010 was one of the best games we played.....

It handled superbly and to be honest we never at any point said `those gfx are crap`

We just played the game and really enjoyed the `feel` of the different road conditions and the overall handling of the cars...

Great game in my opinion.......


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WRC 2010 fantastic game played with my fanatec PTWS and clubsport pedals (needs the settings messing with a bit though)
WRC 2010 fantastic game played with my fanatec PTWS and clubsport pedals (needs the settings messing with a bit though)

What settings do you use.
I for the life of me can't find a decent setup for the Fanatec with WRC+G27 pedals.And as such have only played it once since i bought it and have gone back to Sega rally!

Citizen J

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I think the "next gen" rally games are all pretty poor. Dirt 2 is just arcade rubbish that has been watered down to suit the impatient American racer market.

If you want the best rally experience then GT5 offers this although it is very limited in terms of scope.

I would recommend downloading the demo of dirt 2 and see what you think. I personally did not like it one bit, the Colin McRae series on the ps1 and ps2 was miles better IMO.

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