Best quality vs file size - DVD to PSP


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Using DVD Decrypter and PSP Video 9 to get movies on to my PSP.

What is the best setting to use to retain good quality video / sound but keep the file sizes down?

Also, tried using CloneDVD Mobile to do the job but could not get it to work. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?



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There's no specific setting. A romantic comedy can be shrunk down far smaller than an action movie for example.

Trial and error for what you'l be happy with. I wouldn't use anything less than 512kbps for PSP though, whereas on my ipod video I can easily get good rsults with 384kbps.

I'm talking about Videora btw, which is made by the same people as PSPVideo9.


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Use a ripper to rip it into one VOB file (DVD decrypter or DVD Fab decrypter), then use I use 3GP Converter 0.34 to convert to MP4 for PSP. I recently did FF3 Tokyo Drift, whole movie shrunk to 320MB, quality is good, Video @ 384kbps.


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I rip mine at 768kbps which gives me the best compromise in quality. No perceived difference than one ripped at 1500kbps. Where can you buy a 4gb card for £30?
Now that 8GBs are out you can pick up 4gbs on Ebay for
£30 and under. My mate bought one and its perfect just be careful who you buy from.

People moan abt ebay but i have bought and sold plenty and never had a problem yet:hiya:


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ah good old eBay, no i would never buy a card off that site, I like to know mines a genuine card.


I'm using IMTOO software to copy dvd to psp. I'm sure there must be an option to resolve this but when copying a dvd it splits the files into chapters(as you would get on your dvd player). This means the user needs to open each file manually to view the full movie. Does anyone know what option I'm missing to get the movie in one chunk.?

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