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Since December last year I have owned a Domino30, bought from a supplier who contributes regularly on this forum. I must say it has never missed a beat in its short life and I am very pleased with the decision that I made.

The picture quality is fantastic. However, as I am one of those upgrade type people I was wondering if it was possible get even a better picture. At the moment I am simply feeding it an interlaced signal from a DVD32R via Mark Grant component. I have no problems with this as said, but am curious as to the alternatives.

The first is an external scalar. There are a couple of Lumagen's going cheap I have seen around, so my first thought was to include one of these. What do anyone think about the potential benefits of this !?

My second thought was that with an HDMI upgrade possibility around the corner, to go for the upgrade and try something like an 868 with this HDMI. I wonder if this would give any noticeable improvements. I have seen a couple of posts touting favourible results with this. I think it was with the Domino20.

All thoughts welcomed. And can someone also tell me briefly what SDI is please, and also with HDMI, does that mean this DVI thing is now old hat !!?? Or am I missing the point.

Thanks and regards,

Come down sometime and see a comparison of component/component progressive and HDMI and draw your own conclusions from what you see.
I personally think that an external scaler would not offer any advantage over a source that matched the native resolution of the projector.



SDI stands for Serial Digital Interface which is used to carry 480i or 576i signals, usually to an external deinterlacer/scaler like a Lumagen. It uses a normal BNC socket. HDMI is a new, smaller connector that can carry interlaced or progressive SD signals - unlike DVI which can only carry progressive SD signals. HDMI will also carry 8 channel 24 bit audio eventually, but is limited to 2 channel at the moment. Hope this helps.


That explanation helps enormously - thanks. Just been browsing the TAG webiste and they're debating the merits of adding to the AV192/32 to include HDMI-2. Tech is moving quickly is would seem.

Jeff, thanks for the offer. I would happily come down again to check out your latest AV toys and see what's on offer. I'll email you and we'll take it from there.

Hi there, fellow Sim2 enthusiasts!!

As this thread is entitled "best quality pic from a Sim2" can I ask about the best connections?

I've a Denon 3803 AVR and one of its attractions is that all the video sources, DVD/Sky/VCR can be routed through this AVR so I only need one set of component leads going to my Domino 20.

Yet I was in a shop today (the one that runs the Bristol a/v show!) and was told by the Manager who seemed to know what he was talking about, that the DVD should feed directly to the PJ as the quality is degraded if it is routed through the Denon 3803.

Is this true, and if so, how noticeable is the difference? I can't test it out as I'm still pulling together the system and at present have only 1 set of component interconnects.

The problem is there are only one set of component video inputs on the Domino 20, so presumably I'd have to use the S-video input for the VCR/SKY input, via the AVR?

This also seems a little messy especially as the distance between the AVR and PJ is almost 10 metres.

I'd be pleased to hear your experiences.

Many thanks,
P.S. Regarding connections query, I forgot to add that the DVD player is Denon 2800 Mk2 with prog scan and component video outputs.


From my experience the Denon 3803 has wide bandwidth video switching. Even the video conversion works well.
I do not think you will notice any appreciable difference going direct to the Domino or via the Denon as long as you are using good quality 75 ohm well screened component cables.

Many thanks for your advice. It re-assures me I purchased the 3803 for the right reasons!

Still on quality issues...

Has anybody else experienced this problem??....

Trying to view the on-screen menu of my Denon 3803 amp, on the YCrCb 32 kHz source setting I get the following message:-

"Out of range"which according to the Domino 20 manual means:- Either the resolution or the horizontal/vertical frequency of the input signal is too high. - Input a signal that is within specifications.

The only way to see the Denon on-screen menu is to switch the PJ source setting to YCrCb 15 kHz, but this splits the video picture.

I'm using 10m of Mark Grant's excellent component video cable, which receives rave reviews elsewhere on this forum. I have no problem with the Denon 2800 Mk11 DVD on-screen menu, BTW, which goes through the amp! Bizarre!

All help would be most gratefully received!
I have the 6m version of that cable and can confirm its quality.

What happens if you route the signal straight from the DVD player, removing the amp !?

From your earlier posts, it would suggest that 32kHz is correct for you, this being the progressive scan setting and your 2800 being able to output this. I would start by as clean path as possible from source to projector and take it from there. Maybe there is a setting on the DVD which requires set to signal ps output !? I have known similar on other models although have no experience of this particular one sorry. I know on my Tag, I have to set it to output component, changing from its S-video default setting. Until I did, I had the same splitting that you are talking about I believe.

Also, have you also any other connections from source(amp) to pj ? This would explain the menus working, as if anything like the tag, OSD menu's are always routed through s-video connection.


I believe the menu system on the 3803 is overlayed on top of the incoming signal. (and may not pe progressive) Try connecting the composite or s-video output from your DVD into say the VCR1 input as well as the component into DVD. Select the VCR1 input and the signal will be upconverted to component and the menu overlayed on top.
You will have to switch to the YCrCb 15 kHz input but it should be fine for set up purposes.
Thanks very much Warpaint and Steve for your feedback.

It's strange that the Denon DVD on-screen menu works through the amp, but the Denon 3803 amp (more up to date than the DVD2800) on-screen menu doesn't, on the YCrCb 32 kHz input

When connecting the DVD directly to the PJ I don't experience any difference than routing it through the amp. However, I can't then connect other items to the PJ such as Sky+ and VCR, as I only have one 10m interconnect and the Domino 20 has just the one set of component inputs.

Not got a 10m s-video lead either, and as it's all neatly channelled into the wall and floor (did that take an age!!) I'd rather keep to the CV input. And that was the USP of the 3803... VCR signals are upconverted to component, so only one set of leads needed.

I'll try Warpaint's suggestion with the S-video lead and if that doesn't work will probably keep the system as it is, as once it's all set up properly I will hopefully only rarely need the 3803 on-screen display.

I've 'cleaned' the DVD player using the Denon Firmware disc which gives me progressive scan but loses multi-region. Oh well, from reading other owner's experiences, that's a small price to pay for a 2800Mk11 that works without hiccups, touch wood!!

The quality of the picture is superb now, BTW.


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