Best projectors around £1000


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My friend's projector has just blown. Shes asked me for advice on whats good at the moment but its a long time since I looked into this so am rather out of date.

Could someone please recommend the top 3-5 projectors in the £800-1200 price range or point me to a good recent roundup.

It will be for watching movies but she doesn't have a totally blacked out room or a proper screen so it needs to work well without "ideal" conditions.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Many thanks, Tom


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Try looking at a Panasonic PT-AX200 as this PJ is particularly bright and therefore god for using in less than dark rooms.

It's an LCD which sells for around £800 and is HD Ready (720p).

There's a thread on here somewhere if you need more info.



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Great, thanks guys, ive passed on your recommendations.

That infocus one does look tempting, might have to get one myself next time i upgrade! wonder if the rainbow effect has been dealt with. my friends old infocus projector used to drive me insane.

cheers again!


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Add the Optoma HD75 and the Yamaha DPX-830 to those too.

Also the whole LCD vs. DLP debate will probably start up yet again, it would be nice to have a sticky that gives the +ve's and -ve's of each technology rather than rehashing everytime?

For rainbow ... its better than a few years ago but some people still complain of problems, although many people have bought cheap Optomas recently (which aren't the best for the opld rainbow problem) and seemed to have gotten used to them after a while if they did 'suffer' originaly.


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Hi orbita

Three projectors i would recommend looking at! Firstly the PTAX200 has all the boxes checked and comes in under your budget. bright, 2 HDMI inputs and is very easy to set-up. The Themescene HD75 is very good for just under £800 lastly the Sim2 D10, now at £1095 and is well worth the extra money! The D10 shows some 1080p projectors a thing or two about how a projected image should look regardless of the resolution! the optics are brilliant-once you see what a high quality 720p pj with high quality components can do against a budget 1080p full-hd unit with lower quality components, you will realise that spec sheets can only take you so far!

Regards. Shane.

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