best projector for bluray playback only


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You need to give more info mate

Room size would be a start as all projector have different throws


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And room colours, size of screen hoped for and can you mount projector on ceiling or what other location is suitable for you.

Do you want a screen or are you using a wall and I take it you have the sound covered.


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sorry for delay room size 14 ft by 16ft pull down screen of a 100 inch
projector must have lens shift , you see im updating from my sanyo z2000 and would want to see some improvement over the sanyo and i have a 7.1 sound system budget upto 1500 pound


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Well as your Z2000 is already a half decent 1080p projector £1500 is not really enough of a budget.

Your next step up in performance is really a JVC HD350 @ £1699 new or second hand for £1k.A second hand HD750 is within budget second hand (£1350 approx) but cant really think of anything else that will give a meaningful step up in performance without going well into £2500+.


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If you're going secondhand I'd suggest a used JVC X3 as they seem to be going for aboout £1,800 on here now. TBH though even at that price I'd be wanting one with a new lamp of the later spec as many owners suffered premature failure of the original fitting.

Having said that, you may find you get a bigger improvement by working on the room itself if the walls are a light colour. You don't have to turn it into a goth's paradise, but perhaps look into temporary (but easy to fit ;) ) treatments: My ANSI contrast was tripled by using my 'bat tent' but it's a bit fiddly to set up, so if you go this route work out a way to do it quickly. The difference between my otherwise typically 'light and airy' living room picture quality and using the 'bat tent' is like I've swapped from a cheap LCD projector to a really decent LCOS one.

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