Best projector for around £4k ?



I am currently in the process of replacing my projector, and would like to spend around £4,000, (may be £5000 at a push).

Obviously everyone has different opinions, but what about the Epson TW100 or Sony 12HT ? Is it worth paying a lot more to obtain something like the new Marantz DLP?

I will be using this with a motorised 16:9 OWL screen with a gain of 1.2 I think???

Thanks for any advice.

Would you consider second-hand? As there is a Sim2 HT300 for sale in the classifieds. It’s more than you are thinking of spending (£5,999) but it’s a class act. OK I’m biased, I have one, but I can really recommend it, the picture quality is stunning and it would work well with a 1.2 gain screen. Go and see one for yourself first though.

There is a new model out HT300+ with the new HD2 DLP chip (HT300 has the HD1 chip) which has a bit more contrast but otherwise very similar. Price for the HT300+ is I think £8,999.
The Toshiba MT 8 is due for release before Christmas..........possibly worth looking at..


There's only one method : watch them in action ! I was surprised to see that I didn't find the Marantz so impressive ... (in fact, I prefer LCD to LDP for the moment, I find the image more natural, less "digital").

Considering the price, it's worth to spend some time ... (and it's part of the pleasure too)
Can anyone recc a dealer in the london area to compare diffrent projectors / screens pse?

I could not find a dealer in London with a lot of pj in demo. I bought it in Paris (lot of choice, cheaper)
Still open for comments!

I haven't viewed the Sony 12HT, but is it worth the extra £1000 over the Epson TW100?



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