Best projector for an art student?


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Hello! I need a bit of help buying my first projector, as the thing I'll be using it for doesn't turn up much in reviews. I'm an art student, and I make videos (shot on a canon 500d in 1080p, with some text too, and I'll be using a macbook pro with the projector, if any of that is vital information - the more you know, etc etc..) that I'd like to project in a gallery environment. Ideally this means a white room with a fair bit of ambient light, though if I can't find something bright enough in my price bracket, which is <£400, then that's not the end of the world, I can just put up blackout curtains. It'd be nice to have the bright-white-room option, though. Up until now i've been borrowing projectors from my university, so I'm not a complete novice in terms of setting them up and so on.

I've been looking at the Optoma HD600X-LV, as it's the right price and appears to be suitably portable (portability is important, 'bring your own beamer' shows are a pain in the arse if you're lugging around something massive) and bright, but I don't need the 3D compatibility - can I pay the same amount and get more elsewhere if I forgo the 3D stuff? I'm open to any and all advice I can get! Recommendations of actual bricks-and-mortar shops in or around London (or Newcastle upon Tyne) where I can go to get a feel for the things would be great, too.

Thanks, in advance!
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HD600X's are solid projectors in that price range.

Projection does not work in bright rooms, regardless of how bright the projector is. The black level can only possibly be as black as the room is, so a bright room means blacks that are actually not black at all (good contrast goes out the window completely and images look washed out and basically just rubbish).


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hi im a pro artist and i have a optoma 200 x#i use it for films and games but also to project my work onto canvas and stone etc. i didnt want the 3d stuff as my eyes are already strained from constant use but it is only soso in a bright room though my room has white walls, 2 huge windows etc. and it does ok. Id rec. a smaller cheaper pj for mobility and pos damage but for a gallery u will need say a presentation pj like an epson and to get away with bright rooms like a gallery it will prob cost alot like the epson 3200 if you can afford 800 :?
ps this might sound crazy but could you buy two cheapos and use them to overlap or run side by side or at diff angles / upsude down etc with whatever you have as that might be visually interesting / make it stand out ?
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