Best progressive scan DVD player that plays DVD-RAM?



I was looking at the JVC NA77, is this player the best choice?
It MUST play both PAL and NTSC progressive and it MUST play DVD-RAM!



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Panasonic E55 DVD-Recorder is very good for progressive (PAL and NTSC), and its native format is DVD-RAM.


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If you don't want a dvd recorder, then yes, the JVC is the only one that can handle ntsc & pal prog scan and dvd-ram.

techtronics sells it for £180 with delivery and multi-region.

empire or excellent be-direct sells the reg2 version for £165 delivered.

Otherwise, if you could consider recorder, then you can get the new Panny E55 recorder which Andy recommended for £250 (delivered I think, that means only £15 more than Reg2) from dvdplayers or multiregionmagic, both makes good multi-region conversions, otherwise I think leconcepts are good too, their price is £250 without delivery, but they easily can price match leconcepts



Already got a Panny E50 recorder so don't need another. That's why I wanted a RAM compatible really, so I can edit my recordings on the RAM and pop it into the player to record it onto CD-R permanantly.
I will go for the JVC as it has good write ups and is a nice looking player from a respectable company.
Thanks for all you help fella's!!!!

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