Best price (to match) Samsung 7&8 series?

Discussion in 'Samsung TVs Forum' started by Sor, Jan 8, 2012.

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    Hi All,
    Typically when I've made a decision on what to buy, its out of stock in the main shops!

    I'm interested in the samsung ue40D7000 (ue40d8000 if I'm really stuck) and the ue46d8000.

    John Lewis is out of stock with all of these. Will see if I can ring them somewhere and see if they will be getting these back in stock.

    Richer Sounds is out of stock online on the 40D7000..... that may also mean out of stock in the shop; I'm suspecting I'd have to get the both tvs ordered in anyway.

    JL has the much better price (free 5 year warranty) but I'm guessing RS won't price match out of stock items?

    Has anyone any suggestions for other online shops that have good prices that RS would price match......I have the problem I'm in N.Ireland so delivery cost or no-delivery to here knocks out many shops.

    (Or has anyone any knowledge if the D7000 & D8000 can still be got by JL / RS? Samsung still providing them 'near' to a new range probably being debuting?)

    Many thanks

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