Best price I've seen yet for DVD-RAM


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The Panny website (which they seem to have been updating) is selling a 5 pack of caddyless DVD-RAM for 12.99 plus P&P (£2.93)

They've also got DVD-R's for 86p (70 for £60) too.

Hope this helps someone ! Unless anyone knows a lower price?


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Just waiting for my Panny e85 to be delivered today from AV land ,so have ordered some of those Panny discs you point to in your post . Thanks for that Wilby.:D


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from the experience i've had with my E50 at home, if your after discs for a Panasonic, your better sticking with their own discs or using Verbatim's "Datalifeplus" MCC or TYG01 coded discs.
I tried to save pennies, but it ended up costing me more in the long run, what with wasted discs and never ending hassle.

I used datasafe 2x, 4x and various other cheaper media on my old machine (E50) at home and it would send the machine into recovery more often than not, it got to the stage where the machine was having problems reading even Panasonics own discs, phoned the supplier to say i was having problems and they changed the machine in two days. the replacement E50, which i've had for about six weeks now, has only had Verbatim 2x Printable "datalifeplus" MCC coded discs and the 4x Verbatim Pastel discs used in it (about 70 so far) and it has never once been in recovery mode or had a bad disc burned.

I also use an E50 at work, been putting videos on to dvd, and after the problems i had with my own machine, the works machine has only ever had the Verbatim 2x printables used on it, almost 300 in last two months, and again that machine has not been in recovery mode and no coasters either.



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So why blame the media if the machine was faulty?
I have never bought any panasonic media for my hs2 and have had only the odd coaster or recover. Usually a failed disc will work on the second or third try, and when investigated is often due to dust on the disc.
Clearly media will either work or not and can not degrade the machine by use as there is no mechanical contact to cause wear, apart from occasional difficulty in ejecting dud media.
Simple solution is to title the media, if that works it is almost certain the media will record correctly when used in timer mode.


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So why blame the media if the machine was faulty?

I don’t know if the machine was actually faulty or not, it was bought through a relative’s catalogue, she just told them I was having a problem with the machine going into recovery mode, to which they said all they can do is exchange it, I’ve haven’t heard anymore about it. All I know is the machine was working perfectly till I started using cheaper media, had no problems at all with Panasonic DVD-R or Ram, Verbatim (4x and 2x) datalifeplus discs or a few TDKs (4x), once on to cheaper media (loads of VHS tapes to back up, so thought I would save money) then the recovery mode problems started, after reading here, I tried the simple solutions that you have mentioned sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t, but overall things just got progressively worse, to the stage that even the dearer media, which had work perfectly before, would send the machine into recovery mode. And judging by the different forums, I’m not the only one that has had these problems when using certain media on Panasonics.

Was the machine faulty to begin with or at all? Did constantly going into recovery mode affect the machine in some way? Who knows I’m not expert on the inside workings of a DVD recorder. Just giving my experience in using cheaper media with a Panasonic machine and what media has worked best for me since on two other Panasonic machines.

If the cheaper media works for yourself and others, and you want to recommend it to other Panasonic users to use then great, but they certainly didn’t work for me. The bottom line for me is I want a machine and media that will record at the first attempt, not half a dozen attempts later or never in some cases. It may not be such a hassle if you have a hard drive like the HS2 to record to first, but if you are recording straight from TV to disc then the hassle with missed recordings etc is not worth it for the sake of saving a few pennies.

Like yourself, I haven’t bought Panasonic media for my replacement at home or the works E50 either, they have only had one make of media (verbatim datalifeplus MCC and TYG coded) near them and after approx 370 discs between them, I have NO coasters, neither machine has been in recovery mode and I’ve had NO difficulties with ejecting dud media, as there has been none.

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