Best price for Sharp 26P50E?



Hi Guys, I was wondering if people who have bought the above LCD could let me know what the best price they found for it was. A simple price runner search seems £558.95 is the cheapest with delivery included.

Ideally I would like to get it from John Lewis but their price match policy is such an annoyance. Does anyone know what the best non-internet shop price is so I could maybe get JL to match them?



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I think the basic rule of thumb with this set (which is brilliant by the way) is that you can get a price in the £550 to £599 region on the internet, or the £700 to £800 region in a shop.

Guess you could try one of the internet sites with a shop. Have a look at the Toshiba WL58 thread - that recommends a few places.


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JL Shef have price match cropton moore for me for the same size you want
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