Best price for Scarface - Special Edition


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Anyone know of a better price for 'Scarface - Special Edition' R2 than £13.99 from DVD.co.uk.
I can pick this up from most high street shops for £15 to £16 . I thought I'd be able to find it a bit cheaper than this online


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The deluxe box-set version of this (complete in snake-skin effect box, lobby cards, red fabric interior, money clip and the original 1930's version on DVD) can be had for a smidgeon over £10 shipped from Amazon.ca at the moment...

Dave 1

This is from 'Will K' on DVD reviewer. PRICE £12

CAD$22.49 at Amazon.ca.

MAPTELUSFEB5 - $5 OFF (No minimum, Expires 15 April)
MAPETRADECAN - $5 OFF (No minimum, Expires 31 May)
MAPSCTELE5Q2 - $5 OFF (No minimum, Expires 31 May)
(The fine print:

Each promotional offer ("offer") has a claim code that can be used only once.
Offer must be redeemed by a customer who has not previously opened an account at Amazon.ca/com.
Limit one offer per household and one offer per order.
Offer is not valid with other offers.
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Each offer is valid for a limited time only and expires on the date specified in the offer.
Offer must be redeemed at our Web site, Amazon.ca toward the purchase of products sold by Amazon.ca. Offer cannot be redeemed at Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.co.jp, or any other Web site operated by Amazon.com, its affiliates, or third-party merchants. Offer may not be used in conjunction with purchases of products sold by third parties on our site.
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Most bargaineous!

Normally I balk at tacky gift boxes/reservoir dogs with a plastic straight razor etc but this is just too meretricious to resist.

Extra bargaineous with Carlito's Way (and Hawk's iconic original of Scarface) as well. Top bargain. My humble thanks.

Hee hee! I'm rubbing my little pixie hands with glee!



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Am gutted just got the Scarface boxset last week from movietyme for £35.99.
what is with amazon.ca and amazon.com(special edition of Schlinfers list about £14) that they are offering these sets at a cheap price -
why cant amazon.co.uk do it


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Yes it is region one only - and I paid a LOT more than £10 for it!! :( :( :(


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cheers for that

25 canadian dollars well spent.


Dont believe this i paid way over £10 for this from dvdsoon :(


Got mine today. Delivered in less than a week and it's a great product. I'm not really in to the collector stuff but this has changed my mind a bit and its about the size of 15 DVD's.


Id totally agree it is a great product of a great movie


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anyone else actually received their order yet?
i ordered mine along with the shawshank redemption on the 18th april and it still hasn't shipped yet.
delivery estimate has now changed to between 31st may and 9th june though so looks like the order is still going through.
here's hoping eh!!


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paul1672 said:
anyone else actually received their order yet?
i ordered mine along with the shawshank redemption on the 18th april and it still hasn't shipped yet.
I ordered on the 15th April....

....delivered last weekend via the slowest shipping option.

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