Best price for GP32 BLU ?



Having owned most consoles, I'm tempted by the Gamepark 32....especially the new Backlit model (BLU).

Only price I can find is £135 from GBAX.com. Anyone know a cheaper place.

Also anyone any experience of these.....are they really as good as the reviews state ?

Thanks in advance



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Superb, I didn't even know this machine existed. Looks absolutely amazing and a right bargain for £135! I guess as well that with the versatility of the machine (it's ability to play so many emulators etc) that there's a massive supply of games already available. Sounds a great machine that I may well have to consider!


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Lik Sang have it for £85 mate.

Let me know how you get on with it and where you download your roms from if you buy one mate :smashin:

They look awesome, but I don't have to stones to get one. :(


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Aye that's just the bog standard no light version though. They have the front light one in for £118 which isn't bad.

The backlight version (BLU) DJW 666 mentioned is not yet out but is supposed to be worth waiting for.

I too am extremely skint at the moment - just starting up a business so it may be a few months before I can splash out on one of these unfortunately.


Damn!! i've just been reading the reviews for it on the Lik Sang site and it sounds amazing!! Watch movies, music videos, massive supply of free games - i need some money!!


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The GP32 is getting a limited launch in some parts of Europe this summer. Italian and Spanish gamers will be getting the system then.
Maybe it will be cheaper to import one from the EU.


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i wouldnt mind knowing if anyone has had probs with GBAX.com myself,so does anyone have any storys or bought anythng of them and whats the after sales like.

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