Best price for AE-100 £1299 inc VAT?

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by Paul D, Feb 15, 2002.

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    I'm after the best price for the Panasonic AE-100.
    I phoned Sound and Vision Bolton, and they have said they are expecting stock in the middle of next month. Although they couldn't give an exact price (as prices drop by the hour etc), they said it was expected to sell for about £1299 inc VAT or less!.

    As you may or may not already know. I already own a Barcodata 808s
    CRT, in a dedicated Cinema room. The picture from this is simply amazing.


    I'm about to redo my front room, and wanted a plasma TV to cap it off.
    But as you know, they're bloody expensive!. Also they are not perfect by any means.
    This coupled to the fact that i have already got a perfectly good 36" CRT TV already. And sometimes a smaller image is preferable when watching normal TV.

    After reading a few posts about the Panasonic AE100 PJ going for about £1500. I started getting this idea in my mind about putting a covert projection system in the front room! :devil: :devil: :devil:

    The idea being having a electric screen hidden behind panelling, between two chimney breasts. And the projector hidden away under the stairs, pointing through a hole in the wall (behind a glass sheet, eliminating any fan noise etc).

    That way i could use the surround sound with the normal TV. But when the mood/program demanded something bigger..............Ha Ha! plan "B" etc.

    Some may think i'm being greedy having two projection systems (they are probably right!). But sometimes i find it's not worth the effort to fire up the whole dedicated cinema system just to watch re-run films on sky etc.
    So my logic is-

    Normal TV watching = Panasonic PF10 36" TV Front room.
    Normal Sky films/Odd DVD etc = Panasonic AE-100 LCD projector.
    DVD-Gaming-Karaoke-Guest nights = Barcodata 808s CRT projector.

    At this price, it's actually less than i paid for my 36" panny (even if you include the cost of a electric screen!!!).

    So upto now S&V Bolton are the cheapest i've seen.
    I had no trouble insisting i got a "pixel perfect" unit when i bought my last two LCD projectors from them. But please check with them before you buy etc. I call into the shop and have had great service, but i've heard some people have had bad mail order service from them etc. So be careful!.

    So come on!.........we have to get this little gem nearer the golden £1000 mark! (even though at £1500 it still seems good value!)

    We don't want much do we?!!! :D :p :D :p

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