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Hi Chaps and Chapesses!

I am in the market for a new router/modem/switch.

I am keen to get something thats Pre-N with gigabit switching - to host a SAN at some point.

I have had a look a and there are quite a few so I was wondering what you guys are using and what the current recommendations would be?

Thanks and regards



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It would be cheaper to just get a 100 router/modem then get seperate hub/switch which is 1000 it should allow if you plug everything in to it to run at 1000.


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I have a vigour 2600 which seems to have broken down, currently using a Belkin cheapo stand in but coverage of its wireless is not so good accross the house so I guess the Pre-N is what is needed.

Currently the router feeds another switch where all the actual PC's are connected at GB but if I hada router as well at GB then my lounge based HiDef streamer would connect accross a quicker connection.

Ultimately I need some pointers on what is the best to get at this stage - Netgear/D-Link/Belkin etc.


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I was confronted by a similar problem recently myself, with my broadband service upgraded and my old firewall / router / switch no longer fast enough to cope. I was looking for something with plenty of upgrade potential, Gigabit networking, and preferably an in built wireless access point (I previously had an router / firewall and access point in two separate units).

Thanks to the advice of members on this forum, and the website I eventually decided on a Netgear WNR854T. This has a firewall, 802.11N wifi (b/g compatible), a 4 port gigabit router and uses Rangemax to extend the Wi Fi range. The firewall is very secure, Wi Fi implements both WPA and WPA2 with MAC addressing, and the Gigabit switch is excellent, all for around £100. What this doesn't have is an ADSL router, the DG834N does, but you lose the Gigabit switch. Basically you have two options, either go with a DG834N and partner that with a NEtgear GS605, or partner the WNR854T with a DM111P, the whole package will cost well below £150 and should give you everything you need.

Your other option seems to be the D-Link DIR-655, this is a brand new unit just trickling through to the UK now with a feature set similar to the WNR854T so will ideally need mating to the DSL-320T ADSL router to give you everything you need.

Either of these packages should give you pretty much all you are looking for without breaking the bank too badly.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,


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