Best Pre-amp for >£800 second hand/new


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Jan 19, 2004
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Im looking to get a second hand pre amp for a max budget of £800. I will be using my Rotel 981 and Yamaha 1400 to drive the speakers until I can afford a 5/7 channel power amp and sell the 1400.

I know you can't get much for the money new (suggestions welcome) I have no preferences on brand. It just needs to have the ususal supects (DPL2, NEO:6, DTS:ES, maybe THX etc)

Ideas welcome :thumbsup:
Usual suspect time.

Rotel-1068 can be had for £900 new.

Second hand can get a Tag for about this price one of the basic ones.

If you want all singing and dancing then the Rotel is hard to be with PL II etc... but older Meridians can be got for £500+ but I had a 565 and way prefer the rotel to it.

You could always get a decent all in one and try that, Denon 3805 as processor, or maybe use the Yammy for the processor buy a Rotel 1075, or A N other power amp if you want one and then save up for a processor to replace the Yammy.

So many things, but it's difficult to hear the second hand ones before hand.

What about connectivity... Does it need to do component up conversion etc.. ?

NO conversion or anything like that. Purely for music and dvd/tv use. :)

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