Best practice formats and autorefresh policy 7MC + MediaBrowser


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Afternoon all:smashin:,

I've been running the following configuration for a while now:

7MC with MediaBrowser >
BD ISO's mounted with Virtual Clone Drive >
External player (TMT5) with autorefreshing

This works *reasonably* well, main gripes are the messy visual effects that occur in transition from Media Browser into TMT5 (black, to blue, to TMT5 settings screen) and the haphazard nature of the refresh changing. I've had it quite a few times where the desktop refresh is left at 24Hz. Also AFAIK the autorefresh of 23.976Hz content gets set at 24Hz causing microstutters here and there.

So I'm asking an old question, what's the current recommended method of playing HD content within Windows 7 Media Centre natively with the minimum transition from ISOs? I would dearly love to bottom the refresh rate too if possible.

Thanks :thumbsup:


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XBMC- Settings- "match refresh rate of display to that of source material"- enabled. Job done, none of the steps in your process needed ;)

Unless youre using 7MC for TV purposes then give XBMC a go...


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Maybe I will! :smashin: What have you got in terms of codecs and how are your HD movies stored?
No need for additional codecs its all self contained bud- and my HD stuff is generally mkvs or .m2ts files but XBMC will playback eveything you can throw at it, and if not you can also launch TMT5 from it too if you still really want to.

All the questions you may have are in the sticky at the top of the page :thumbsup:


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not sure about BD isos, but for other material there is a refresh rate changer for 7mc which works well with my ati card (ie ati driver often says 24hz when you try to select 23hz, but when the changer is used, it correctly reports 23 (23.976).

mpc-ht has an auto-refresh rate changer which might help.
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