Best PQ for XVID, Divx, DVD, Ts, TV etc



Have just bought my HTPC and waiting for it to be delivered.

Spent most of the day looking at how to get the best picture out to my new 42" plasma and been looking at FFDSHOW, Nvidia codecs and Theatertek from various guides and forums but it's just dawned on me that Theatertek only handles DVDs.

Is there a player that will deal with pretty much all media formats (not worried about .mov) with high quality but on a set it and forget it basis? I am happy setting up a variety of components but need to have it so that once completed, the kids can put in a dvd or load a xvid file and watch it in the very highest quality possible with one or two button presses on the remote. Are there any handy sites that may be better than this one for this config?


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I use MCE with CCCP, PowerDVD, and DIVX, everything plays through the MCE interface.


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