Best PQ for under £1K


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Ok still looking for a DVD player, have decided that I shall get a separate CD player as although th Arcam is very good the Cyrus CD6 was quite a lot better.

So I looking for the best PQ, nice to have SACD and DVDA too.

I'm thinking of the Denon 2900, will this give me better PQ than the Arcam DV78?

How about Pioneer, not interested in HDMI as I already have a plasma which does not have this interface.

Advise is welcome, I shall then test out models before I buy.




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My two penn'orth: Denon if you're not interested in HDMI, but ensure the multi-region mod is the 'official' one as others have been reported to cause playback problems sometimes, otherwise a Pioneer 868 .. so in your case the 2900. :)


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I bought my 2900 last August from 7oaks HiFi. They did the multi-region mod for me (for free). How do I know if they used the correct patch? What PQ problems should I look out for.


Also, I'm wondering if the new Samsung DVD player with HDMI (£700 less) would have given me a better picture on my projector. Spending extra for multi-channel music (SACD/DVD-Audio) was a complete waste IMO.


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chances are that if you dont know what pic problems to look for you dont have them.
Also MR firmware is not a patch, its a rewrite off the code hence why there are some dodgy versions at times

it was more to do with MR playback, freezing etc. my sister has a 2900 and it works faultlessly.

Didnt know samsung did a HDMI player, thought they were all DVI.

Just make sure your PJ is HDCP compatable


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Well just had a demo of the 2900 and all I can say is wow, great picture! I have one on order, should have it Monday. I also tested the CD replay, very nice and in isolation would have been happy I think, however compared against the Cyrus CD6, no contest Cyrus wins easily. I now have the Cyrus for CD replay, simply stunning player. I'm looking forward to getting some SACD and DVDA discs to compare against the Cyrus!

Oh anf the Denon build quality as so many have said is fantastic!

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