Best PQ - Denon Scaler or PV500 Scaler ?


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Awaiting the arrival of a new Panny TH-37PV500 :) and thinking of upgrading my Pioneer 565 to a Denon 1920.

Have any of you folks out there got the 1920 + PV500 combo and can comment on the picture quality:

1. Scaled output via HDMI to PV500.

2. PAL Progressive output via Component to PV500 scaler.

Which gives the best PQ in your opinion ?

No point in buying the Denon if the PV500 does a better job at scaling...

(No, I can't afford a separate scaler !)

All constructive contributions gratefully received.


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Hi - I have the 32" lcd tv from panny - and am looking to add the Denon 1920 via HDMI.
According to my manual, and in general, video scaling from the tv doesn't happen if the source picture is sent as progressive signals - although the manual says that it'll fill in the remainder of the screen - therefore for 720p signals, the source, in this case the Denon 1920, will do the upscaling of the DVD picture to 720 lines, and send this to the tv - the PQ should be better, as its the DVD player processing that's adding the extra detail, which in turn gets send digitally to match the pixels on your tv with little conversion involved (its the conversions and interlacing which normally affect PQ) - therefore, with the reviews and reputation of Denons' DVD players, I would trust that the PQ will be better coming from the DVD player via progressive HDMI output.
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Zac_666 said:
although the manual says that it'll fill in the remainder of the screen
In my book that's scaling!

If you send say a 576p signal to a display which isn't native res 576 it must have to scale it to "fill the screen" as you put it.

And in answer to the original question, unless someone with precisely the same screen and DVD players can give you a definitive view, the only way to be certain is to try the Denon side by side with the Pio!

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