Best possible 27" or smaller, please

Pat Marcus

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Help me dear Christmas experts for the Sales will soon be here.

Ive only got space in the bedroom to accommodate a 27" screen at absolute biggest but it feels like all the best technology is excluded from screens smaller than 32". What Im after is :

1. Full 1920 x1080 HD (and not "HD ready" with 1080p compatibility)
2. Preferably LED
3. Freeview HD tuner
4. DLNA either wired or wireless fpor watching movies from my NAS drive

Is that too much to ask ? I looked at the Sony 24 and 26 EX320 but they arent full HD and I wasnt that impressed by the SD freeview picture. And Ive looked at the Panasonic 24E3 which has a nice picture and is full HD and LED but doesnt do any kind of networking.

What shall I do ?



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Those are your two options - TV buying is always about compromise - depends what's most important

Why does it need to be full HD - are you using it as a PC monitor? There is little benefit otherwise on such a small screen even for full HD material


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OP You may be waiting for a very long time for a good small screen TV , best option is to get a good PC monitor in the size & resolution you want and fit DVB T2 usb tuner to your PC and drive the panel from this . You will need a sound system as well but its easily achieved .

Pat Marcus

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Various websites Ive been to claim the panny 24E3 is dlna certified and other say it isnt. The panasonic manual mentions connecting to a network but doesnt talk about dlna or streaming content once connected.
Im confused.

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