Best position of my front speakers?

Position Yellow or Blue? (See attached doc)

  • Yellow

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  • Blue

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I was wondering what the best position for my front speakers would be?

Yellow or Blue?

Please see quick sketch that is attached.

I will also be putting a centre speaker above the tele and a sub on the floor to the left of the tele as part of a 5.1 setup.



  • Setup.doc
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Sorry the thread isn't very well placed! Also if u're looking at this on mobile app u may not c the attachment.


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Yellow here as well.

Also, can you not move the sofa over to the right so it is more central between the wall and the door. You would be better placed for the TV and the yellow position would be even better.


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Thanks for all your replys definately a yellow win! I'll run the speaker cables when I get up tomoz afternoon! Lookin forward to getting it all set up! :)


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I've run the speaker cables and the new carpet is down! :) unfortunatly I have to wait till after Christmas to get speakers and av receiver, but it'll be worth the wait! :) Merry Christmas everyone!

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