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Jan 14, 2004
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Hi there, I might be getting a my first sub this weekend (REL Q100E) and would like some advice on where, in this room, you think I ought to place it.

The room has concrete floors (carpetted) and solid walls too. I have two large sofa's, the rear wall is covered in shelves and a base unit and the right hand wall has shelves on part of it. There are full length curtains on the window to the left and a rug on the floor too.

Room is approx 18ft x 13ft x 8ft

I have heard it best to place it in between the TV and one of the speakers, the only problem is this gap is a bit small for it, there is a radioter there too (behing the TV) and her in doors wouldn't approve : (

I have thought of installing it behind the larger of the two sofas (sofa 2), in front of the rear cabinets.

Any advice please?

Thanks a lot!


How about between the front left hand speaker and the window on the left.

Behind sofa 2 places it an awful long way from the front speakers and it may result in a disjointed sound stage
You could move your hi-fi across to the wall with the window. That way you'll get your sub up front between the TV and your front right speaker.
Incidently, your room has the same layout as mine bar all the shleving and I find that my sub sounds better up front than anywhere else in the room.
If I moved the stereo to the left hand wall it would be in the firing line of the left speaker - The pic isn't too good, but the whole thing is set where it is and can't really move. The TV is perfectly in the middle of the large sofa, and the speakers the same distance either side. Plus the wiring simply wouldn;t reach.

Lets say nothing else could move. I am guessing between the left speaker and the TV?

That's assuming it is magnetically shielded.

I assume the left of the tv would be better than the right as the vibrations would do the stereo no good?

Although the left is nearer a corner?.....

Either way the gap to each side of the tv is only just over a foot - at the narrowest point by the front of the speakers and the tv screen and about a foot and a a half near the wall and the rear of the speakers.


I ended up placing the sub to the left of the right hand smaller sofa, as you look at it. So by the door as you walk in.

It seems to sound ok there, and isn't obvious where the sound is coming from.

I am very pleased with it and it goes VERY low - it doesn't do that much as my main speakers go low anyway, so I have set the crossover fairly low.

Not smashed any glasses yet ; )



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