Best portable lcd tv? and best price?



My old portable TV blew up so i am toying with the idea of buying a lcd 15-17inch TV for my bedroom.

The problem is i dont know much about this emerging technology and the home cinema mags dont really focus on them that much as they arent really cinema as such.

I've seen prices from £499 for a 4:3 LG screen to £2,000. I suppose it is a case of you get what youpay for but...

1) Which is the best and cheapest widescreen LDE 15 - 17inch LCD TV?

2) anyone know anywhere that does good deals on these?

3) I have an old ondigital box. Could I use this as a TV tuner and just buy a normal lcd monitor? if so which is good value for money picture and sound wise..


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The LG set is reasonable. Picture is good, but all examples I have seen....

a) have a limited vertical viewing angle
b) have an odd effect on moving object where the movement appears to 'stutter' about once a second.
c) has very poor internal speakers, although the NICAM sound reception is good when fed into an external amp.

Not sure about current prices, but the Sharp Aquos range have a much better viewing angle than others. And a convenient caryy handle.

All these TVs run on a very low voltage (eg 24) and have an external power supply (one of those 'overgrown' mains plugs with a transgromer in it, usually).

You can't drive a PC monitor from a Set Top Box - PC monitors won't usually accept the standard video signal that these output.

There are quite a number of manufacturers now making 15 inch (ish) LCDs - the best thing you can do is find a retailer with some demo models and evaluate for yourself. But watch for the typically poor aerials in shops and consider what you see in that light. Check the viewing angle when you look. Try lowering your head below the screen and looking up at it. It is here where many LCDs fail. Except Sharp.

If you WERE thinking of using a digital Set Top Box - you might want to consider a widescreen TV. These also exist at small sizes (15 inch and up) from a few manufacturers - Panasonic, Sharp, Samsung to name but 3. Widescreens tend to be more expensive than 4x3 sets.


Whilst it's true that there are 2 flavours of RGB, scart tv and VGA, they are not streets apart and can be converted. It's possible to use a computer monitor from a STB, ask symanski for details! It does depend on the ability of the screen to accept a low horizontal synch frequency, but many LCD's can. You'd need the tech spec to check.
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