Best please to buy a 32" WS TV?

Orange Peel

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I'm looking for a 32" WS TV to fill the gap until the larger models become more affordable.

I'm looking to spend upto £600 and would appreciate any recomendations (online or highstreet)

If anyone could recommend a brand/model that would help my decision making I would appreciate it.

Many thanks,
OP :)


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Stick to the main brands, Panasonic, Philips, Sony and Tosh and overall you wont get a bad TV.

Personally Panasonic and Philips TV's are my favourite at the moment. Philips seem to be more expensive than Panasonic though.

I just bought myself a Panasonic TX28PS12. There is a 32" version of this TV. I would suggest having a look.



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I recently bought a Sony KV32FX68, which can be got for around £599 without the stand.
Bought from JL, needed three sets before getting a good one, but am now very happy.

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