Best player to go with a Hitachi 3000 Plasma


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Afternoon people.

My Pioneer 737 dvd player has started to play up a bit, and I'd like to use it as an excuse to buy a new player ;)

I've got a Hitachi PD3000 42" plasma that's currently connected to the 737 via component and runs NTSC in progessive and PAL in interlaced,

My budget is a maximum of £500 but I haven't been keeping up and have no idea which payers I should be looking at to get a better picture quality than my 737.
I'd like progressive PAL and multiregion etc...

What should I go for?


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I have just bought one of the new Harman Kardon DVD22 players for my 32pd3000. Initial impressions are excellent. I am running it in progressive mode through the AV4 component inputs and it quite happily supplies both NTSC and PAL progressive. The picture seems sharp and detailed with bright colours and good black level, it looks as good as some more expensive competitors from Denon and Pioneer IMHO.

The DVD22 is multiregion and I have tried R1, R1+RCE, R2 and R3, all of which played without complaint. If you want DVD-A, the DVD31 is identical, except for the extra audio outputs.

I bought it from Romers HiFi in Great Harwood, Lancs (otherwise known as HiFiBitz online) for £299.:thumbsup:


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Pioneer 668 fits your requirements.

If your Plasma has a HDCD compliant DVI socket, you can connect via HDMI as well :)

Cheapest I've seen is £479 at www.askdirect.co.uk
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