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Best player for somebody with low vision?

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I'm currently looking for a new MP3 player, and the main criteria is that it must be accessible to somebody with low vision.

In real terms, this means that there must be some possibility of reading what is on the screen. This is likely to rule out all the players which only have a small grayscale LCD screen. It would also be preferable for the display to have light text on a dark background (do any players allow for customisation of the display settings?).

Would prefer a device that allows you to simply drag and drop files via Windows Explorer (there might be accessiblity issues with some of the proprietary software that some players require you to use).

Probably looking for 20GB or more. Budget is about £200, although this could be stretch if necessary.


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My girlfriend is visually impaired (vision low enough to be registered blind) and we were looking for an MP3 player for her last week. We had a look at everything available in dixons.

The best thing we could see was the latest Ipod photo. It had a very bright and clear screen. It is dark text on a light background though. As with all current players there didnt seem to be any options for increasing text size or inverting colours. You would have to use itunes I think.

Another player we looked at was the latest sony players. My girlfriend had trouble with those as they have a slightly curved shiny screen that made it hard to read the text but it might be worth you having a look at as it has white text on a black background. http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000BKBHK6/ref=br_ce_ts_2/026-1312182-9138028

There was also a creative player that might be worth you looking at. We couldnt see it running as it had no battery but it could fit the bill.

Hope thats of some help.

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