Best Plasma for a Grand??


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May 4, 2002
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I was going to buy a Samsung 32" LCD but after seeing a 32" LCD sat next to a 42" Plasma in the shop I want a 42"!

However my budget is around a grand. No idea what to go for.

My main needs are Sky tv viewing and DVD.

Thanks in advance.
I am in the same situation as you. I planned to get a 32" LCD but I decided I'd rather get a bigger plasma.

I know you want a 42" screen (me too!), but I've been recommended to strongly consider the Panasonic TH-37PE50B. It is a 37" Plasma which has had very good reviews.

You can get it for £1,110 from Lets Go Digital (search Google for their website). I know that is beyond your budget, but for that price you get a wall mount and a DVD recorder included in the deal. So in reality the TV itself is actually costing you less than £1,000.

The Panasonic has an inbuilt Freeview tuner, so that's worth bearing in mind.

I'm strongly considering purchasing one. I know a lot of people on the boards who are very happy with it. I'd be interested to hear what other options there are though. I've seen some 42" plasmas for less than a grand, but they're usually low spec or "unknown" manufacturers.
I got the 42" version and am very, very happy with it.

You won't be disapointed, its a fantastic plasma!
I think that is sound advice because really you need to be looking at another 50% on top of your budget to get a decent 42"...and then there is sound to consider too
If you spend too little on a plasma, you'll really end up paying a bigger price when you get it home and turn it on :p If you want a 42" then expect to pay more than a grand. Either that or go for a 37 incher.
I would really suggest that the screen size is linked to viewing distrance and not to whether or not you can afford it or just because it is bigger....

My advice is that if you have to sit closer than 10 foot, forget a 42 incher...You will just get annoyed with artifacts, noise and all sorts....
Hey Guys, I'm also looking at buying the Panny TH-37PE50B as it looks the danglies for the ££ :)

My only concern is that its totally non-HD Ready and won't even be able to take an HDCP (?) signal that the High-Def players will require.

Anyone know if it will or not??



(thought it better to do this than start my own thread)
No because it doesn't have an hdmi socket, the TH-xxPE55 has an hdmi input and is only €100 more than the one without it, but, it is only available in Europe at the moment.
Southpaw, as mentioned already you will struggle to get a decent 42" plasma for a grand. The best bang for buck is the 42PWD7 from richersounds but by the time you add on a wall bracket and an input board you are looking at closer to £1200. They do the 37" model for £899 so add £200 for a scart board and wall bracket and you are still £100 over budget.
Why not go for the relisys 42" plasma it has an excellent picture and sound 2 year warranty comes with stand and speakers loads of inputs inc dvi hd compatible but i wasnt arse with sky`s hd package i aint got $ this tv is equal on par to most of the big guns pioneer sony panasonic etc £1100 i paid from ebuyer think price has come down slightly now too :smashin: pic

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