Best Plasma for £1500(that is HD ready)??


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others will have more knowledge, but from my brief research, there are two considerations:

Inputs - will be HDMI or DVI. A screen only with options for terminal boards will allow you to put one in therefore
Resolution - ideally need 1024 x res.

You may be struggling at £1500. eg the LG 42px11 has a DVI in, but only 800 x 600 res (approx). The Hitachi 42PD5200 has DVI and 1024 x ? resolution, but is just under £2k.


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The NEC VR5 would also be a good contender if you want HD in the future.
Personally, by the time HD becomes widespread we may have other flat panel technologies available, I am going to enjoy my PWD7 for a few years yet.


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there are no plasmas with 1024x768 res and less than £1500, 2 that will possibly accept HD signals and down scale are the LG PX11 (under £1500 huge owners thread on here) and NEC VR5 (smaller following thread on here)


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buying anything without a demo is likely to lead to dissapointment.....Why do you want HD ready if you only have £1500 to spend, this seriously limits your options, Hitachi, and panasonic are very popular but dont accpet 720p @ 50Hz


I've heard that the LG PX11 isn't compatable with SKY. Something about very bad lip sync. Is this true ?


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Paulo88 said:
I've heard that the LG PX11 isn't compatable with SKY. Something about very bad lip sync. Is this true ?
I have sky using RGB output into AV1 and i have NO lip synch problems at all


Due to the way the screens process the video data for display, all flat-panel technologies have the potential to go out of sync with an external audio system (amp/receiver), and Sky is susceptible to lip-sync issues on some of the lower bandwidth channels already. It's something that can be addressed with either a dedicated "audio delay" box or a suitably-equipped amplifier (like the Yamaha 650/750 for example). I wouldn't worry about it too much.


My feeling is that if you can only afford £1500 for a plasma then you are unlikely to be able to afford HD-DVD, Blu-ray or skHD for some time to come. It'll be a while before the players cost less than your display, and skyHD will have a hefty premium just to have the box, then half the HD content will be PPV


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MAW cant agree more if you forget HD for next 3 years you have a much better choice of sets and can wait for HD to settle down and become affordable.........

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If you're bogging yourself down about HD, then you should end up concentrating on quality ie something with the res. No true HD res panel at the moment in your range but some that can handle downscaled options.


I've had a Px11 for quite some time and i think it is THE best alrounder for around £1500.

Native res is 852 x 480 and it excepts HD inputs 720P 1080i which is scaled down to the native res to produce a superb HQ picture and it has all the connectivity you could ever ask for.

There are no problems that i have experienced with sky only what is found on the on mostly all plasmas due to Sky transmission qualities and not the fault of the panels.

There were some minor problems when this panel first came out but these seem to have been ironed out lately with new firmware.

Feed this panel a decent source and you can't go wrong!

At the price you can get one for now, will leave you some change for decent cables, totaling at around £1500 its a bargain!



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Apparently The Hitachi 32 pd5200 accepts [email protected] according to the manual. Native res on Hitachis is v good
Some one has stated on Hitachi thread that sky will be using this as well.

All depends on what size screen you want..and if you like hitachis. The 42" can be picked up for less than 2k


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Apologies Hornydragon, i am only a beginner.
I was reading that sky look to make their rebadged Hitachi plasmas compatible by offering [email protected]

Hope i am correct on this


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thats slightly useless as not all of them are Hitachi................ i dont think Sky buy are too hot on the technical aspects of Sky.......

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