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hi guys, i need some help with connecting my gear all up so i get the best picture and sound out of it.. heres my stuff;

Pioneer 434pdp;
Input 1 (SCART) AV In, RGB In, TV Out
Input 2 (SCART) AV In/Out, S Input, i/o Link.A
Input 3 (SCART/ Component) AV IN/Out, RGB In, S In, i/o Link.A,
Y'Pb'Pr' In (RCA pin),HDMI

a pace digital cable box, a pace sky box, Panasonic VCR(2 scarts), Denon 3802, DVD Player - Progressive scan.

Please please advise needed on the best way to connect which items together via scart or anything else..


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assuming all source units support scart RGB....

this is the route I would take:

Digital cable box - RGB Scart
pace sky box - RGB Scart
VCR - S Vid scart - because you plasma only has 2 RGB scart inputs and s- vid I believe would be adquate for a VCR.

DVD - Component cable

maybe someone else can confirm if you'd save money buy purchasing a scart switch box and route everything through that.....


HDMI requires a compatible DVD player. VCR will only work on s-video if it's s-vhs, if not you'll get a black and white picture when you set AV2 input to s-video. You'll need a scart switch to connect the set top boxes, you've run out of inputs, the classic HDE problem.

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