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Firstly, what a great forum- found it incredibly helpful!

I've been endlessly researching and have finaly decided (although this might change by this time tommorow) that I'm going to go for the new Hitachi PD5000 screen only, and a Pioneer NV990 'cinema in a box' package.

Being a bit of a novice when it comes to A/V matters my question is this; the Pioneer system does not offer component out, nor does it offer progressive scan, therefore, if I connect, using quality cables, an RGB Scart to RGB Scart, will the picture be significantly worse than if I had used Component cables- (in which case I may reconsider the Pioneer)

In other words, how much better is component than RGB- if any? And where does S-Video fit into the equation?

Also, I've heard that since PAL offers, a 'better' (for want of a better word) signal over NTSC, progressive scan will not significantly improve a PAL signal- Is this correct? If so then I'm not overly worried about not having progressive scan output on my DVD player.

Finally, any further thoughts on the new Hitachi plasmas?

Thanks people!


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component is generally regarded as the best, closely followed by RGB. With S-video someway behind RGB. Good quality cables can also make a significant difference.


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Have a look at the Video Signals technical document on my website - it's in the Technical section. Should help clear up on RGB / Component etc! However, some screens work better with one input than the other! And even bypassing some inputs with the "same" signal to another input can improve picture quality again.

All the best,

Dr John Sim.

Lamb Chop

Hi Scoooby,

I have a Hitachi 42PD5100 connected to a Pioneer NV990 Home Cinema System :). Purchased the Pioneer as I was attracted to the flat speaker technology. The sound from this system is unbelievable!

I also have Sky and a VCR so was a little worried about the connections available on the 5100 and how I would set it up.

For Picture output I have:

Sky, via Scart, to VCR (AV4)
VCR, via Scart to 5000 (AV4)
DVD, via S-Video to DVD (AV3)

For sound:

Sky, via Phono, to DVD
VCR, via Phono, to DVD

Purchased the PD5100 through Nexnix:

And the Pioneer through Digital Direct:

The nice chaps at Nexnix also provided we an Avia set up disc, to tune in the plasma and Scart, Svideo and phono leads free of charge.

Go to Nexnix (Horsham). They have a Panny PW6 and Hitachi 42PMA500E on display (same internals as the 5000 but different frame). This should help you in your decision.

Personally I'm very happy with the Hitachi. Took me around three days to tune in all the settings and I have promised my fiancee I won't touch the remote again!


How does the DVD on S Video compare to Sky on the scart, as I am just considering buying the Pd5000 but don't whant to change my home cinema which only has an s-video out. I am worried about spending 2.5k and being dissapointed or starting to have to upgrade the rest of my system.


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Thanks for your advise guys- very helpful thanks!

Dr Jon; am I right in thinking that using a box which converts an RGB signal into component, will never be as good as a conventional component output?

Lamb Chop: How do you find the hitachi picture compares with the panny? Great to hear from someone who already has the set up I'm considering...


Hi Scoooby

Sorry for not directing my post better, it was aimed at lamb Chop as I am considering connecting the same way


The conversion, RGB to YUV is almost lossless when done well, ie by a JS converter. But as John says, some screens respond better than others to different connections, some are noticeably weaker on their scart than on YUV (component) I couldn't say if this is the case with Hitachi. Pal progressive, who sold you that line? The difficulty is that at some stage the video signal will be made progressive. This is not a simple process. It is stored on the disc as interlaced, the deinterlacing goes on in the panel or the player. You have to decide where it is done best. In the case of any all in one system, I'd bet on the panel. In your prospective purchase, it's additionally complicated cos the screen then strips apart the progressive signal, and re-scales it to display it not exactly interlaced, but as alternate lines. The panel only fires 1/2 it's rows of pixels at once. Apologies id this is not clear, but I don't understand exactly what the panel does with the signal, and I have yet to meet anyone who does. Nonetheless, they have a keen following, so whatever it is it works.

On the subject of all in ones, for the same money spent on separates, you will have quality in spades, video and audio, over any all in one.

Lamb Chop

jpd2: Sky Pictures are a little hit and miss. Some channels, to me, look excellent. Other's not so good. Slow moving objects seemed to confuse the colour saturation. I'm not sure whether this is evident on all Plasma's but you can see it... if you look close enough. I'm viewing from about 8 feet and once you get used to the fact that you are watching a plasma is not an issue for me.

DVD is mind blowing via S-Video. Watched the Lion King with some friends last weekend and they didn't leave the house until 1155 pm!!! My next door neighbour wants to pop over to watch the football on Saturday afternoons. Maybe having a plasma has it's disadvantages!

Haven't tested a straight DVD, via Scart to the 5000 though. Neither my VCR or Sky have a S-Video out so I'm limited in available options / connections.

I've also tested Sky, Via a Scart to Video cable, and the picture quality is about the same.

One thing I did realise when buying the Plasma is that it will never be as good as a regular CRT TV for PQ. If you can accept this then you will be more than happy with your plasma purchase.

The PD5000/5100 has a lot of menu options to change the picture display. It also has a number of settings to minimise the chance of screen burn. After reading hundreds of posts about different plasma purchases I was initially heading towards the Hitachi 42PD3000 or the Panny PW6. Decided on buying the PD5100 as it was an evolution of the PD3000.

Maybe the Panny may edge the Hitachi on PQ but after spending 2.5K on a plasma I'm hoping the Hitachi will have a longer shelf life. Also the Hitachi looks excellent whether on or off. Could I say the same about the PW6...No!

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