Best plasma 37" - 42"?

Fat Tony

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Hello all,

I am in urgent need of a new TV (10 yr old Sony 29" 4:3 set blew-up, much sooner than I planned). I am in the unfortunate position of not having really started researching & looking at AV gear & all this new technology is starting to blow my mind.

I have found large retailers pretty unhelpful or clued-up & they often contradict each other, which does not give me much faith in them. I just found this forum & am pretty amazed by all the knowledge & great advice so far ...

To cut to the chase ... what I want is a new monitor in the 37" to 42" range. Main usage will be (in order): Sky, dvd's, video & possibly using as computer monitor, which I think is possible.

Can anyone recommend 2 or 3 of the best displays up to around £2,700 (maybe a little higher) that can narrow the choice down a bit. Main priority is a great picture and good reliability/quality. Wish list would also be a slim frame (I like the Panasonics!) & good connectabilty/ease of use. Sound is not key, as I intend to use a home cinema system for films, but I would like some for day-to-day viewing.

Any help (or reference to similar posts) would be really appreciated - I am sorry if this is question already on the forum, but I need to get something pretty quick ... thanks!


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panasonic is the best IMHO PWD6 available for around £2300 ish

also available is Hitachi 5000 range.

both can be viewed in swiss cottedge NW London.


Add the Fujitsu P42VHA30 to your viewing list. Panny 6 glass with Fuji electronics, AVM and excellent scaler. Does very well with SDTV.


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if you want 37" then the Panasonic 37PA20 is great....even better now as Empire Direct have it for just £1999 !!!! I paid over £3k just two months ago :(

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Thanks for this - very much appreciated. Fishbones - sorry about dumb questions, but what does AVM, scaler & SDTV mean?

Looks like I'll shortlist Panasonic PWD6, Hitachi 5000 series & Fujitsu P42VHA30 - enough fow now, unless someone really feels strongly about anything else. Just need to have a viewing & check out best prices & what's included (stand, tuner, speakers, etc) ... can anyone suggest a good & knowledgeable retailer within 10 miles of Finchley, London? If you can give me a person's name as well, that would be even better.


AVM = Advanced Video Movement. Basically, a video processor that redraws pixels faster providing clearer, flicker-free picture.
More info on this feature on the official site.

Scaler or video board. Internal conversion from analogue to digital then scaled to the panels resolution.

SDTV = Standard Digital TV..ie Sky, Digital Cable TV etc.

You may want to take a look at this thread. Comments and opinions on the VHA30.

Hope this helps....and good luck.


Originally posted by Fishbones
SDTV = Standard Digital TV..ie Sky, Digital Cable TV etc.
sorry but to be pedantic ;)

SDTV = standard definition TV (eg interlaced current broadcasts)
HDTV = high definition TV (eg new progressive ~1080p broadcasts)


Make sure you have all of the following inputs that you anticipate needing:

vga, rgb, yuv(component), DVI or HDMI (with HDCP perhaps), svideo, composite

Personally I don't see the point of a built in tuner, since you'll almost certainly be using freeview and/or sky+ in preference. That's why I've got the "commercial" version of the 433.

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Thanks for tip on inputs - the more I look at this new area of plasma's, the more I realise I need to learn before taking the plunge ... it's not like I buy a new TV frequently. Me thinks I'm just going to move the 14" from the kitchen into the living room for a few weeks & spend some more time digging into this fantastic forum - there's some great knowledge in this community.

My shortlist still contains the Panasonic TH-42PWD6, the Hitachi 42PD5100 & possibly the Fujitsu P42VHA30 although there appears to be far less info/posts on the latter.

One thing is for sure, but the new Panasonic PE30 is out as JL mentioned that it can only go on Panny stand (£400!) which simplay cannot take a largish amp - ideally I really need it to stand on my Soundstyle AV rack.

Another sure thing is that I'm going for a 42" now (so long as it has a slim frame, I have space) - I get a bigger picture & WOW! factor when my mates see it.

I have one question: assuming the set (one of the above ones) is on for say 8 hours a day (I have a wife & kids at home!) how long can I expect this set to last? My old Sony CRT lasted well for 10 full years, with nil faults/repairs.
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