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Best place to sell car


Prominent Member
Hey all,

I've decided to sell my first car as it's been sat in the garage as SORN for the past 3 months.

I've never sold a car, so I don't know where to begin or how much to ask (It's not worth much).


Citroen Saxo 1997
around 70k miles
Condition is good, no scratches or bumps that I can see, maybe the odd nick here and there but I'd have to actually look to find them.
Has no MOT
Has no TAX
Has service book, though it's not been updated for years, so not too much use.
There's no problems with it all all, starts and runs completely fine.
it's a 1.6i and red in colour.

Any details missed please let me know.

No idea really what it's worth, or how to sell it, is auto trader my best bet?
How much should I advertise it for?

Thanks guys :thumbsup:


Established Member
If there isnt a MOT, youll be hard pressed to find a buyer unless the person knows about cars themselves.

Why dont you get a MOT if its as good as you say?

Its about 40 quid and itll become a lot more attractive for buyers. No MOT looks like it potentially has loads of problems, thats why it hasnt got one, especially when it costs a few quid to get.


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I may do that then if you think it will help improve the value, there shouldn't be anything wrong as it was running perfect, only went in the garage as some fool ripped me off here and I couldn't afford the tax.


Standard Member
For a car like that EBAY without a doubt, put a decent reserve, take lots of good quality pictures and be honest, people get carried away on EBAY, I just sold my MG ZTT within 24 hrs, and got £2,000 more than I had been offered as apart ex! (probably should have asked more on the buy it now!)


Distinguished Member
Try gumtree as its free to advertise.

Good luck. :thumbsup:


Established Member
I may do that then if you think it will help improve the value, there shouldn't be anything wrong as it was running perfect, only went in the garage as some fool ripped me off here and I couldn't afford the tax.

It will help maintain the market value (assuming the condition is as what you say).

Without, its open to price unless you know what needs repairing or changed and have documents from a legible third party (i.e. mechanic) to prove it.

For market value, just look on autotrader for cars with the same spec, similar mileage, similar condition, etc.

Dont use market price lists as they dont take in effect the financial climate condition, especially considering the time were in now.


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Few more miles then I thought, actually has 77k on it, but here are some pics, condition really is pretty good, especially for a car of it's age:

All pics here: Index of /robin/Car

A select few:








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I asked this on another forum too and got a load of moany gits telling me to set the car as SORN and get it off the road, so just to let people know, IT IS set to SORN, IT IS off the road and in my garage.
Also, the area I live is private parking too!


Standard Member

If you are serious about selling the car, and it does look good, you should get it MOT'd and taxed, without it you will only sell to somebody clued up, who will want it cheap to reflect the added risk of a potential mot fail.

The car is an ideal 1st car for somebody, who will want to turn up, test and buy, they will not want to, or understand the process of getting a car taxed/mot'd, once this is done you should be able to sell easily.

Again I recomend E-bay, also because of the type of car, and likely price, I would recommend putting some signs in it and try and park somewhere visible - near the entrance to a supermarket car park (be careful about parking all day in the supermarket, as you may find it clamped!)

What sort of price are you expecting? you need to be realistic, and if you want top price, you must have everything spot on, i.e. tax/mot.


Distinguished Member
Agree with the others here who have advised you get an MOT.

Looks a very clean car, and the type that someone will want to do a deal and drive off in.

As well as an MOT, I'd also buy a decent set of seat covers (from Halfords maybe ;)) as first impressions count, and you don't want to alienate some potential (male) buyers.

Apart from that, the car looks very good.


Distinguished Member
I have to agree with other comments, superb cosmetic condition for the year. MOT is a must and yes........... those seat covers :rotfl:

If you address those minor points you could be looking at a useful cash injection before Christmas, you will sell that without a doubt.

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