Best place to sell a Wii


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Hi all,

We have a friend who wants to sell her wii, games, controllers etc but i was wondering where the best place to do this was

Any suggestions would be appreciated

Kind regards Mark

The Eggman72

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Could give the gaming classifieds on here ago mate..trouble is wii's aint fetching good money anymore....

Miss Mandy

£30-40 plus postage seems to be the going rate for consoles on here. Obviously more if there are controllers and games. Having said that though, there are so many Wii's in the used market these days it may be difficult to get it sold.
Even on eBay they're going for around the same price or less, then fees have to be paid out of that as well.


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They were £25 used in Game, with warranty, probably still are.

Keep hold of it.


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Sometimes I think there comes a point at where something isn't worth selling. It happened with the Dreamcast and Original Xbox and now with the Wii. Tell her to put it in the loft and dig it out again years later for some nostalgic fun :)

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