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Hi All,

I am based in Kent with relative easy access to London.

I am looking to modify a PS2 so I can play import games from the US.

Can anyone tell me what is currently the best and latest modchip out for the PS2 and wher is the best place to get one chipped?

As far as I remember the last good chip that was out was the Messiah 2. However, I assume things have somewhat progressed further...?

Thanx for any advice,


G a f f e r

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G a f f e r

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(sorry, couldn't resist)


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What's the slide card option? Not heard of that and looking to get mine modded...



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Na...the slide cards don't work every time and and they only work will some games. Plus there's extra hassle in getting the game loaded up. A good mod chip on the other hand allows you to play virtually any import or backup game or dvd straight from boot up. Many of them can be flashed from CD as well so that they keep up to date.

Go for a DMS3 or a Ripper 2 chip - you won't regret it

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