Best place to get the MS Audio Dongle?


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Hi all

After stupidly letting a couple slip from my grasp on the sales forum here I'm after the above as using HDMI on my 360 so need it for connecting optical cable to a (soon to arrive) 5.1 sound system.

No luck searching on eBay, rather not butcher my component lead if I can help it (although it might yet come to that so any pointers on that front are welcome too :rolleyes:).

If you know of a supplier/retailer that doesn't charge the earth, or an individual who is willing to part with one (for cash or trade if preferable) please let me know.

Thanks :)

Otaku Punk

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I've seen one of the official HDMI kits for about £33 in my local gamestation. TBH you're better off finding the cheapest possible video cable with an optical output and taking that apart, shouldn't cost you more than a few quid. have a VGA lead with optical out for about £6, the optical port should be unaffected by the quality of the cable due to being a digital signal.


There is a way to get the official audio adapter direct from microsoft for free! See my post here:

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