Best place to get a rj11 cable


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My friend is in need of 1 of these cables to get started on xbox live, anyone know a cheap place to buy 1 with quick delivery also(need it for friday)


Crossover or normal? What length?

I have a few knocking about here and I could do you one for the price of postage. It won't be for Friday though. Saturday at the earliest.


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normal i think, just need it to go into the adsl filter and adsl modem, 15 metre would be ideal :thumbsup: i could pay a bit extra if it could be here friday :lease:


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pop in to a shop, hell, my local londis and sainsburies sell these things

failing that a PC World or branch of Dixons might have them......

or even pop in to a local office looking building and beg to speak to their IT dept, they'd probably give you one for nothing.....(they actually tend to uses these more with phones than computers in offices....but i'm sure they'd have some)

edit: ahh just read you need 15m........15m?? a long distance.....heh

try maplins, not sure if they will get to you by friday now, or Amazon, they do a quicksmart promised delivery thing now, altho it costs a good £8 iirc.....

or perhaps they might be able to wing one your way quick if you phone up for it.....not sure about via web....

edit 2:

ok, is this what you want?

£7 (rounded up) but to get by friday definitely i think its the £8 extra charge...

or do you mean this one?

£4 (rounded up) again plus another £8 to get by friday guaranteed

edit3: hmm....the second ones plugs look like the ones that go in to the filter and the back of a ADSL modem, the first ones plugs look more like Cat5 network port plugs......i'd guess you need the second one.....someone else here might know....


AVF TT Runner Up 06
Thanks for all the help you guys:thumbsup: its much appreciated

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