Best Place To Get a Custom PC Built ?


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I have looked at a couple of places like Mesh, Evesham, PC Specialists.

However I am not sure who are considered reliable, etc.

I am looking at the following,

Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 Dual Core Processor
XP Media Centre
1024 MB Ram 800 MHZ
250GB HD
DVD Writer
Ge Force 7600GS - or similar

Price from Mesh was 612.88 but the RAM was only 533Mhz, however really wanted 800Mhz.

I would appreciate any advice as where people consider it best to buy from.


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I have used Mesh in the past and I have built my own systems. Mesh do make good pc's and their customer service is also good. Can you not ask Mesh to change the memory to 800Mhz? I am sure they will oblige if you ask.

You can use suppliers like CCL who will build your pc to your exact spec.

I believe Scan also do a similar service. Scan are slightly cheaper than CCL.

Which ever route you choose I wish you luck. :thumbsup:

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